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Many people may be new to complementary therapies and your first treatment may seem a little daunting. I have had many clients new to complementary therapies and I will make sure you are fully at ease.

Initial treatments for all therapies offered will begin with a consultation. This is to allow me to find out about you, your needs and your expectations from your choice of therapy. Then we will discuss your initial treatment plan while you get comfortable. 

Reflexology treatments involve removing your shoes and socks.

Indian Head Massage is offered with or with out oils and involves massage to your back, shoulders and head. You may remain fully clothed and seated.

Swedish Massage is carried out on the therapy couch with only the areas to be massaged visible, ensuring you feel comfortable at all times. You may choose a full body massage or a specific area for example back and shoulders, legs, face or feet.

At the end of your treatment we will discuss next steps and any after care. As complementary therapies are holistic, we look at what you may be able to do in between treatments to increase the benefits you receive.

Any subsequent treatments will begin with a catch up of how you have been feeling since your last treatment and your chosen session will begin.

You can find more information and the benefits of different treatments offered in my 'Treatments' section.

As I am a fully qualified therapist you can expect a high standard of service and care. I hope this answers some questions you may have and I am happy to answer any queries. Please use the contact page, call or email me.